Saturday, June 18, 2011

Whole Foods Adventure

I have been wanting to make an awesome rye bread for quite some time now. The only problem was that I did not know of a store that sold rye flour and found that searching the supermarkets was futile. My Mom suggested that we check out if we had a whole foods market nearby, as it turns out, we did! Before making the trip out to the market we called and confirmed that they had the elusive flour (which they did) and set off on an adventure. My Mom and I are known for our adventures. In fact, once she and I were driving around my university in search of a walmart during my freshman year. When we came to a somewhat familiar street I said that we should take a right, my Mom protested and said that left was the best pathway (because she spends so much time in my university's city...). We ended up going in the completely opposite direction, it started raining, and we had an even more difficult time finding the walmart. The story is often retold at dinner's and whenever the two of us are driving. We are a dangerous set of women.

(We forgot our reusable bags...)

Anyways, we made it to whole foods without getting lost (not to say that it wasn't an adventure because it most definitely was). It was my first time in a market like this, we do our grocery shopping at walmart (because we eat a lot, I mean a lot a lot). When I walked through the doors I felt like I was in a magical land even more splendid than Disney World. One of the first aisles that we went down was dedicated to oatmeal. It was kind of like those humongous jelly bean aisles, but instead of jelly beans it was oatmeal! I was in heaven. We found the rye flour (woo!) and then spent the rest of the time meandering throughout the store looking at odds and ends and smelling just about everything.

We picked up a father's gift for my Dad (imported beer) which I hope he will enjoy tomorrow! One of the coolest things that we stumbled upon was a make your own nut butter station, neat-o!! Or should I say nut-o!! Yeah, that was not very funny. We also smelled some amazing coffee beans, which had to look hilarious because we were practically sticking our heads deep down in these plastic containers. I also saw some granola bars that looked a lot like the ones (dried plum and walnut bars) that I made, packed in similar containers thinks I am on to something with those bars.

(Nut butter station!)

Sadly, we left the market to go to our usual fruit market to get some veggies and fruits for the week. We also had to pick up some ingredients for some farmer's market quesadillas, yum!

Still praying for rain! I don't think that it will ever rain. Every evening it gets pretty dark and cloudy, the wind whips around the palm trees, taunting us with the idea of rain. Unfortunately this never happens.

Have a lovely Saturday night!

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