Friday, June 17, 2011

Decaf Coffee Buzz

Friends, foes, and generally fantastic people, hello!

Well, the closest I came to making something today was a steaming cup of decaf coffee because I do not deny overwhelming cravings. Do I know how to make coffee? Yes. Well, almost, in a this-is-my-first-day-as-a-starbucks-barrista kind of way. Not to say that all barristas are incompetent, I practically drool over a barrista that has become somewhat of the community watering hole. He is now known to friends of mine, along with myself, as "John the barrista", it's a full name kind of thing. Like "Florence and the Machine". Nevertheless, he is a great barrista, which I believe was the point of my blabbering...

I raise my enormous coffee mug to you, my friends, for a toast to a wonderful weekend!

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