Thursday, June 16, 2011

Write a Letter

In accomplishing my daily tasks today I felt...unfulfilled. Why? I have no idea. Why are you reading this blog? Why am I writing it? Who knows. It seemed as if I had an empty hole in a part of my soul, not to be all dramatic, but it really did. I mean, I did a lot today, got a job working with a caterer (now I get to rub elbows with the rich and fabulous), confirmed an orientation appointment for a volunteer opportunity through "Hospice", and worked on some writing pieces. But still, something was missing. Then I spent a good deal of the afternoon harping on the fact that I have been single all my life, am currently single, and will probably remain single for a good portion of my future life. Way to be a debbie downer, right? It happens every once in a while, usually after watching too many episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress" and since I have developed a crush on the guy in that new dumb "Teen Wolf" show. I am my own worst enemy in that regard. I really amaze myself sometimes.

Anyway, after eating waffles at noon and contemplating whether or not I should get up off of the couch today. I did, I'm not quite that pathetic just yet. After reaching for a cold diet coke for my pounding head ache, I plopped myself down at the kitchen table to do some research on my laptop (my slowly dying laptop) about places to volunteer at. I did get a little distracted and found a website that was dedicated to American soldiers. I read a little about the organization and wondered about how I could possibly help these men and women. What I knew that I could give was one of my most prized talents, my writing. I know that I can babble on for what seems about eternity without even realizing just how much I wrote. So with a little more hunting I found a way to send a letter to a soldier that would be packed into a care package.

I can write a letter. I was sure of it. I knew it. But when I started writing I suddenly lost my train of thought and became overwhelmingly nervous. Here I am, a girl who has nothing (and I mean nothing) to worry about trying to communicate with someone who has everything to lose. Talk about pressure. I kept going though, picturing myself talking to one of my readers on my blog, my brother, or one of my students that I tutor. It helped slightly. I just pray that I did not make a total nuisance of myself or insult him/her in any way. But I thought this was a very noble cause, writing letters to soldiers, and you might know my obsession with writing letters. I just hope that it reaches someone that needs a little word of encouragement and that I will remain confident so that I will return to write another letter.

If you would like to write a letter to a soldier here is the link: Write A Soldier

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