Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Tissue Paper = More Class

Hey hey hey, it's fat Albert! Or me, whatever.

So yesterday I made those baguettes. I am curious to see if they actually became crispy ya know? With all the humidity and rain nonsense? What's up with that? Anyways I tried my best. That is what my mom always asks for, my best. Like Pizza Hut delivers, so do I my friends, so do I. I wanted to give the baguettes a little oomf if you will, so I decided to wrap them in tissue paper. Classy, very classy. People who use more tissue paper have more class, or so I've heard.

Swaddled like two infants, how adorable. Hopefully, the ladies enjoy their bread! 

So this is what I had for breakfast...

Gotcha! This is what my brother had for breakfast. Rather, this is the only remnant from the entire pizza that my brother wolfed down this morning. Isn't he too cool for school? I had the usual cereal, which was super duper (as always). 

Up for some giggles this afternoon? 

Giggling counts as a workout right? I'm gonna go with yes! Today is the day high five! Sweet.

Peace out girl scout!

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