Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekends are for Dough

It seems like every time the weekend rolls around I stop blogging. I am going to have to work on this bad habit! It's just that my parents work really long hours so I try to take every opportunity to spend some time with them, even if it is just grocery shopping!

Anyway, my Mom and I were feeling quite adventurous this past Saturday and decided to make our own pizza...from scratch! That bread machine of mine is really getting a lot of use! It tasted great, especially with the loads of veggies piled on top. Just heavenly!

Yeah, we devour food like it's nobody's business!

That adventurous feeling continued, at least for me, through today when I took the challenge of making bagels. It was a long long long process that I was not completely sure that I was ready for. My plans were to get up quite early, enjoy the sunrise, and wish my brother good luck as he set out for yet another football recruitment camp. Those plans never really came true, sadly, because I slept through my alarm. Classic. I still managed to get up pretty early, although by the time the bagels were done it was nearly 10:30am. Whoops. At least my Mom and I got to enjoy a nice brunch together. I also managed to scramble some eggs, cook some bacon (it's ok every once in a while, right?, and slice some delicious fruit.

On the menu there was oat, onion, and plain bagels.

Onion bagels!

The bagel dough was a pain in the butt. Plain and simple. Something had to had gone wrong because instead of opening the lid to my bread machine to find soft, manageable dough, I found a sloppy hot mess. It almost looked all liquid. Crisis averted though, with a little flour and a prayer. It was a good experience though learning how to make bagels and I felt a little grown up since I managed making a breakfast from scratch on my own. Sweet success!

In other news (and I hate to get all personal), but we are having some trouble with my brother. He has worked so hard in his football career and now finds little hope in a future as a college football player. I don't mean to drag his name through the muck or expose his weaknesses in any way, but he is also having trouble finding a good university that he can get into. I know that he is Mr. Popular at school, the captain of the football team, and pretty smart, but he seems to be limiting himself. He has denounced any plans of a bright future for reasons unknown to me or any other member of my family. All I know is that I love him so much. He is my little brother and at times my best friend. I hate seeing him in so much emotional turmoil, to see him so depressed, and to see him limiting himself for what can be a wonderful future. He is capable of so much but lacks any motivation to do much of anything. It makes me sick to my stomach at times when I hear the screaming battles between him and my parents, as I am naturally the peace bringer. I wish I knew how to help or to make this better. I ask of you, my friend, to please keep him in your prayers because together we can help him realize that there is still hope.

Sorry to be such a debbie downer and this blog post really stinks because of my distracted mind. I promise a new and better post tomorrow. Writing is my way of coping with my feelings, love it or hate it, it is what it is.

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