Monday, June 13, 2011

Manic Monday

I had the best intentions of completing a post before noon. The best of the best intentions. The kind of intentions that sell platinum albums, woo grandmas, and help save the world. Alas, I am me. I think I should invest in some intention steroids or even volition steroids, with their help I just may be able to be a productive, highly successful, empowering blogger. I did clean the bathroom if that makes up for anything...

Snickers, the love of my life, usually sleeps in my parents bed room. But, last night, she was locked out of her room and decided to choose her second favorite room of the house to catch some shut eye, my room. I love her to death, but she kept on whining to get out of bed to check to see if my parents' bedroom door had finally opened, thus granting her puppy dog wishes. It never did though. So hour after hour she wanted to get down, then she wanted to get up, making last night a very restless one. Plus, I don't take an 18 hour nap during the day like she does, so I'm pretty pooped. Dogs, gotta love them.

I did manage to wake up pretty early though (although not as early as I would have liked) and walk the dogs before it was too hot. I also managed to get in a bike ride since running was out of the question because of the heat at 8am and walking was too slow. This is exactly how I decided these workouts, very intelligent I know. The other day my Mom and I were out for a ride and saw a gator moseying down the canal we were riding along side of. Creepy. I really harbor a great amount of disdain for gators, including that one. He was pretty large, needless to say, my Mom and I picked up the pace a little after spotting him. No sense in being breakfast on wheels!

After my bike ride I did a circuit strength workout DVD. I know that I have this weird hang up about Jillian Michaels (remember the post Jillian Michaels Scares Me?). I decided to challenge this quasi-phobia by renting one of her workout DVDs from the library. After completing the workout a couple of times all that I have to say is...that I love it! It is such a great workout, two thumbs up from this chica right here.

After a cool shower it was definitely time for some grub. I grabbed a leftover homemade oat bagel from yesterday, smeared a little almond butter on top, and added banana slices and raisins to bring it all together. Served with iced coffee. I know that I said that I do not like drinking coffee, but this iced coffee is from a packet that you add to milk. It tastes more like coffee flavored milk than actual coffee. Fine by me! Plus, this way I am drinking a good amount of milk for strong bones and healthy teeth. Booyah!

I really need to work on that bagel recipe and my bagel making skills because these could be way better!

Wow, this pic is not centered. 

Have a fabulous Monday because today is the day!

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