Thursday, June 2, 2011

Peanut Butter

When faced with an empty peanut butter jar, what does a girl do? Well, what does anyone do really? The only sane conclusion that I came up with was overnight oats! So delicious!

Peter pan peanut butter screams childhood for me. I was convinced when I was little that I could fly like Peter Pan, I just had to wait for the day my special talents would develop. Unfortunately, they did not.

Peanut buttery Overnight Oats

1 semi empty peanut butter jar
1/3 cup rolled oats 
2/3 cups milk
1/2 mashed bananas 

  1. Mash the banana.
  2. Add the banana, oats, and milk to the peanut butter jar.
  3. Stir!
Easy, right? Then just pop it into the fridge overnight. I topped mine with homemade peanut butter granola, for an especially nutty morning. 

Mmmm, love me some breakfast.

I am still looking for a new laptop which has been a blech experience so far. I just can't wrap my head around the technical jargon. That's why I have asked my Dad for help. My Dad loves all of that technological stuff and has found the best deals for all of the family's laptops. I don't know how he does it. He looks online and finds all these great deals and cool computers. I find computers, but they all look the same until I just can't tell the difference between any of them. 

Anyway, Dad and I spent the afternoon browsing computer stores where I got to do one of my favorite things ever...touch stuff. I'm telling you half the fun of shopping is touching whatever you want to buy. I do it with everything, fruit, clothes, bras (causing much embarrassment to my sister on outings to Victoria's Secret, just my duty as the older sister), and I especially love touching technology. After looking at the affordable laptops we played with the Macs, which is the best thing ever. I even got to play with an Ipad, which I was horrible at working. I guess I just don't have that magic touch.

Today was also my lil bro and sis' last day of school, woo! School's out for summer (for all of us)! In more good news, I have gotten an invitation to work at a summer gymnastics camp. I have been holding out for a good job for the longest time, well, longer than I have ever waited before. For the past two summers I have worked at horrible jobs, both of which were retail. The first job was especially torturous because my boss liked to inform me of what a "crappy" job that I had done on the monotonous tasks she asked me to do. Needless to say, I did not return. The other job was icky because I worked every single Saturday, sometimes until 2am. So I am taking a chance on this one and waiting it out. After all, it is one of my last summer vacations and I deserve to have a little fun.

Off to find some inspiration for a fitness article to write, hopefully I will find something!

Have a great day!

P.S. tomorrow is pesto pizza day! Hoo haa!

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