Thursday, June 9, 2011

Late Night Thoughts

One of my favorite books when I was younger had a main character by the name of Rachel. It was a very funny coincidence. Anyways, the character Rachel was a lot like me: tallest of her friends, smart/geekish, and pretty shy. At night she used to get a case of what she described as "the what ifs" which I got too. (the beginnings of my hypochondriac tendencies). I have no idea what the book is called or who wrote it, I want to say Judy Blume but that's not right. Anyways right now I have a case of the "what ifs". It's a terrible ailment, usually ameliorated by chocolate, a good movie, and a great big hug. Since I have this shmancy little blog here I figured that I would use it to scribble down some of these "what ifs", in the hopes of feeling better and for a fresh start tomorrow.

What if...

  1. I never make it to Paris.
  2. I don't have a job when I graduate.
  3. I dyed my hair red.
  4. I moved to Washington 
  5. I fail all my classes next semester
  6. My brother gets hurt in football
  7. I don't get a job this summer
  8. I go bald
  9. I become a teacher
  10. I move to France and never go back
  11. I never get married (I think about this a lot, mostly because my mom is always talking to me about wedding dresses, cakes, and ceremonies. I have told her many times that I may not get married because there is a very good chance that could happen).
  12. My writing will never make a difference.
  13. I don't make a difference
  14. I eat too much chocolate
  15. I don't eat enough chocolate
  16. I embarrass my parents
  17. I never graduate
  18. My computer dies
  19. Life is passing me by
  20. One day I forget to wear pants (I have this thought so so so often, sometimes I even freak out and touch my leg just to make sure that I am wearing pants. I am close to crazy.)
Ok, that's enough of that. Sorry to bog y'all down with my worry wart tendencies.

It's time for Police Women of Broward County!!

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