Sunday, May 22, 2011


Do you see that beautiful piece of art on the right side of the screen? I had a logo made for the blog! One night, after reading many of my other blogs, I decided that a logo was something that I wanted to look into. The only trouble with this brilliant idea was that I have zilch artistic ability. Stick figures are slightly difficult for me to handle, no joke. So I sent an SOS out to the facebook world, asking friends if they could help me on this endeavor. In the end, my cousin who is a fantastic artist, volunteered to do the job. I was so excited! She helped me with the color scheme and how I envisioned the logo. I could not believe what an amazing job she did only a few days later! Such talent!

I thought that I would introduce her creation and as a means to thank her for all of the work that she did.

Have a great weekend!