Saturday, May 21, 2011


I've been in a real funk lately. Running is blase, cooking is torturous, and yoga is fear instilling. I have no idea why this happened, I'm sure no one else knows or if anyone does they have not shed any light on my situation. Today is the day to finally have a break through! I dragged my butt out of bed at 7am to throw myself out into the world for a short run (we had to go to the Vet's this morning for shots for Miss Regine). It is stifling outside at 7am. I came back to the house completely drenched in sweat, but very pleased with myself. Then the girls (= Mom+Sister) and I ran a myriad of errands, including a stop at the local fruit market. This place has the BEST produce, super fresh and great prices too. My Mom has been shopping there since the store's start. At the beginning the market was run out of a flatbed truck and checkout concerned doing math on the back of a brown paper bag. Now the market has an over hang, aisles, and cash registers.

This little trip to the market fueled my de-funking mood, with all of the fresh fruit and veggies, who wouldn't be happy?

Mmmmm herbs! When my sister and I grilled steaks, we made sure that we used fresh herbs from the herb garden. So tasty!

So colorful!

Turnips? Right? I don't really know, I just liked the colors!

Sister has mad cantaloupe picking skills.

I picked out a daikon. I have no idea what that is.

Cool pasta, they even have some shaped as marigold flowers!

Sister took this one, she's a fabulous photographer.

Green onions!

I did get strange looks while I was taking pictures of all the fruits and veggies, but hey, what can you do? :)

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