Thursday, April 28, 2011

Final Week Bonanza

I got a heaping serving of life this week. To be fair, I am sure that I was long over due for a little Murphy's Law.

Monday: I got locked in a bathroom stall. It was embarrassing, scary, and I questioned my intelligence.  I spent a couple of minutes trying to figure out just how the lock was stuck and questioned escape methods. Do I crawl under the stall? Do I yell for help? Do I call for help? In the end it took a little elbow grease...and knowing that I would soon be late to class if I didn't pull a Houdini and escape that lock.

Tuesday:  Study abroad problems. Paris seems even farther away :(

Wednesday: Realized that a paper that I put off doing was not two pages, but five. Developed sore throat and deep desire to flee town and assume a new identity.

Thursday: Library accused me of having a book due, to which I replied "I checked out a book?!". That lead to a panic induced scavenger hunt in my room at 7am for the missing book. I found the bugger though. I also went to print out the paper, again a last minute kind of deal, and the printer went bananas.

Despite everything, I am ok, alive, and functioning. That's all I can really ask for! Plus it never helps being a debbie-downer in these stressful times and the bathroom story will be a classic. Everyone gets a laugh out of that one!

I'm not really excited about studying for the entirety of tomorrow but when the University delivers the exam schedule on a silver platter that depicts tests on both Saturday and Sunday, it must be done. I am so close to finishing the semester it is a little scary, I will be half way  through my undergrad degree! I'm old(ish)!

Here is to finals week, drinking inordinate amounts of coffee/tea, paper cuts, printing mishaps, all nighters, flashcards, late night breakfasts, and the quest of re-selling textbooks! Hooha!

Good luck to everyone taking their finals! 


  1. In reference to...

    Monday: It happens ;)
    Tuesday: Paris will always be waiting for you
    Wednesday: If you decide to flee town and assume a new identity...May I come? :)
    Thursday: At least its almost Friday!

    And as for the rest of the week/weekend, buena suerte en tus examenes. Try to get some rest and have a little fun (I know, I'm one to talk, right?). Also, stay away from stall #2 ;)

  2. I somehow missed this comment! But muchas gracias para el consejo.

    Tengo que estudiar para la clase de "motivation psych", no me gusta.