Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Greek Goddess

I wanted to dedicate a blog entry to everyone who made my birthday so special! It was one of the best birthdays that I have ever had to date, filled with good friends, a loving family, and cake :) Even though most of the time I was on a train going through the middle of no-man's-land where only cows dwell, it was a wonderful weekend. My family and I went out to a Greek restaurant and had the best food ever! It was so much fun trying new food and challenging my taste buds. I even ate octopus! (I had to do it with my eyes closed and a drink close by just in case, nevertheless I did it) The octopus was surprisingly good, after I got over the fact that it was in fact the animal that spews ink and has eight legs laden with suction cups. Other than that there was fresh pita bread, spanakopita, stuffed grapeleafs, gyros, pita wraps, and Greek sausages to be enjoyed by all.


My sister is such a good photographer.

Gyro, mmmm!

Yay pita!!

It's a feast!

Upon my family's request I made Naan bread and a sour cream coffee cake, both were fantastic. Although I smelled like garlic for a couple of days after the Naan bread! 

Why can't we have Greek night in the dining hall? 


Back to studying, wish me luck! 

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