Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Do you know what's lovely?

Breakfast. Breakfast is lovely. The idea of breakfast is lovely. Breakfast, not to be too cliche, starts your day off right. The most important meal of the day also occurs in the morning. There is something absolutely divine about mornings. The sun's rays are just peaking out above the horizon, gently warming up mother Earth, awakening humans and animals alike. The dew on the grass glistens and not a creature is stirring. I love mornings for all these reasons and then some.

College life does not advocate mornings. Late night dining halls, clubs, movies, dates, you name it and it probably starts around 11pm (at time at which I am heavily asleep, possibly snoring). College also is not a proponent of breakfast, hence the pizza being served fresh out of the oven simultaneously as the dining hall opens.

My advice to you is to firstly, ignore the pizza it will only bring you heartache. Secondly, reach for fruit and grains. College is stressful, which in turn suppresses your immune system. Incorporating fruits with high contents of vitamin C is a great way to avoid unsightly illnesses that always seem to rear their ugly heads around finals. Grapefruit, strawberries, melon, and oranges are all great sources of vitamin C, not to mention naturally amazing in taste. Also, incorporate some type of grain. Toast, bagels, oatmeal (my favesies), cereal, granola, etc., etc. Voila! A delicious, well-balanced breakfast that fuels your brain (we all know how important that is) and your body.

Marble rye toast, my special fruit salad, and chai tea (my caffeine Achilles heel)

Look at that marvelous toast!! Working with the toaster takes patience, courage, and acceptance of failure.

My own fruit salad! While the dining hall may offer pre-made fruit salads, this salad ensures no added sugar or processing. Just chopped up strawberries and a banana :)

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