Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yay for underwear!

On this lovely breezy and sunny afternoon, I was perched in my Abnormal Psychology lecture hall, lazily perusing the student newspaper, taking a moment for my overactive brain to rest for just a moment. The conversation between two girls sitting behind me, however, lured me to the surface of consciousness. One of the girls was reaching out to her classmate in regards to finding a career path, something I struggle with myself. She has no idea what she wants to be when she grows up. The two chatted like biddies in a beauty shop over their career dilemmas and the murkiness of the future that looms dauntingly in the near distance, until one suddenly received a promotional text message from every girl's favorite pantie shop, Victoria's Secret. On receiving such text she excitedly explained to her friend how she had been waiting three months for the sale. Another phenomenon I can completely relate to, sales. Hello, shopping escapade. The lucky text recipient then stated "well, I don't know what I am doing with my life, but yay for underwear!"

Maybe this girl has the right idea. I have been struggling with finding a career that I would enjoy, after all a career  is something that you plan on doing for the rest of your life. I am but a few breaths away from turning twenty, a day in which I truly believe that I will inherit the wealth of wisdom and knowledge of the universe that will, in essence, make this decision somewhat easier if not actually feasible. Hopefully the chance of the universe showering infinite wisdom that day will be high...

I, as a Psychology major, have a multitude of options for choosing a career, many of which call for many many years of schooling outside the undergraduate study. Learning is something I adore, especially in Psychology, because Psychology teaches you how to explain the phenomenon that you observe in your own life. It also equips you with the most precious gem, the holy grail of Psychology, that is know as dealing with people. That's right, living, breathing, thinking, feeling, people. As far as a career option, I know that working with people is an absolute must. Working with paperwork, numbers, etc. honestly puts me to sleep. I just. don't. know. Clinical? Probably not. Industrial Organizational? No. Some career in which I can interact with people and help them with their life troubles, all the while making a decent amount of money? Where do I sign up?

So, now that classes have finished and I am sitting in my (very messy, it's been one of those days) room I am feeling lost. Like a career gypsy, I have no home. But, I found, there in the back corner of my mini fridge, a wonderful discovery. I have the last and final package of baby carrots, which I will munch and crunch to my heart's content. While I may not be blessed with knowing exactly what career hat I will choose (I am guessing that there will be many since I constantly seek sensation), I have carrots. Yay for carrots!!

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