Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Operation Beautiful

Fact: Females can detect tones in the human voice that is inaudible to males.

So, when your boyfriend, dad, fiancee, brother does not respond to something that you have just said that is just so important to you, it isn't because they do not care, it's because they physically can't hear your tone of voice.

You can keep that little factoid in your back pocket for a rainy day!

For the past two weeks I have been getting to know my new co-workers, which has been such a wonderful experience. But in getting to know these wonderful people I have found that some if not all of the coworkers are either on a strict diet or trying to lose weight. There are some things in this world that I will never understand.

1. Video games
2. Harry Potter
3. Why people continue to want to lose weight or change their body completely, when such a drastic change is not needed.

Two girls specifically worry me the most, probably because they have decided that they want to lose 30lbs. These are normal, perfectly healthy sized girls. To lose 30lbs would leave them looking gaunt and sickly. Perhaps they think that the hollowed out cheekbones of a Holocaust survivor is attractive. Losing 30lbs would  gain a new pride in a practically nonexistent pant size, but would lose the joy, personality, and heart of a beautiful person.

I love fitness and wellness, but I believe that a big part in being well is to develop a love for one's self and persona. This love should be unconditional, it should never run and hide when those "fat pants" just won't close or when your hormones go finger painting across your skin. Never. 


  1. Woah, woah, woah. Are you a Potter hater? O.o

  2. No I'm not a Potter hater! I just never could get interested in the story line, I wish I could though, it seems like a lot of fun :)