Thursday, June 9, 2011

Here Comes the Pot Roast

I have been granted a right of passage, bestowed a familial gift, an honor duel for the sake of my family. I have been chosen to make the pot roast for tonight's dinner. Watch out, I am hot stuff today. My mama makes the most incredible pot roast ever. I have not tasted any pot roasts that even come close to hers. Truth be told, pot roast is the only type of meat that I love. Other meats are fine and I will eat them with gusto, but they just don't compare to pot roast. I swear I can eat the entire thing on my own, a challenge that I will accept on any day. Yesterday my sister and I were watching a part of "Gilmore Girls" (not my favorite show, I don't think that I am smart enough for it). Anyways, Rory said to her mom "I want you to walk down the aisle with something that smells incredible". Her mom's reply: "Pot roast?". I like her. I like her a lot.

Remember those cookies from yesterday? Yeah, the big chunk ones. They are almost gone! Apparently we have some secret cookie monsters that come out at night. I swear it wasn't me...

I am going to work on something more eat, bake, lovey than pot roast (even though it is amazing!). 

Maybe French baguettes? Oh bread machine, how I adore thee!

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