Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekends are for Sunshine

Sometimes, you really don't want to wake up in the morning and on these particular mornings you can look a little like this...

Today was definitely not one of those days for me because today is the day for pools, barbecues, and sunshine, who wouldn't want to roll out of bed for any of those lovely things? I know many people are getting ready for a great big Memorial day bash tomorrow, unfortunately, my family won't be all together tomorrow so we are celebrating today! Also, the Indy 500 is on so woo! A good race is the perfect excuse for yummy food and endless hours spent watching t.v. (we have one outside) in the pool.

Breakfast today had to be 1) delicious (that's a given) and 2) energy packed (lots of errands to do!). I had a friend in my Abnormal Psychology class who used to run cross country for our university's team, totally cool, and she shared with me an awesome breakfast secret. Ready for it? 

Peanut butter! I know it seems hackneyed but trust me there's a twist! Peanut butter (or really any nut butter) is an excellent source of protein that will help rebuild muscle and also keep you feeling full, essential characteristics for a breakfast! That is why my running friend recommended peanut butter as an addition to...cereal! She always complained how just plain cereal can never keep her full, so she got inventive. 

All you have to do is spread a little on the bottom of your cereal bowl...

Add in your favorite cereal (frosted shredded wheat was my choice since I have been craving it all week!)...

Top with your favorite fruit topping (blueberries and banana are my favorite combination, but like the song, yes we have no bananas, we have no bananas today. Yeah, no bananas.)

Pour your choice of milk in and voila! The best cereal ever! 

When your spoon scrapes the bottom of the bowl you get a bit of peanut butter (the best part)!

After running a few errands this morning, my Mom and I came back to the house to kick back and enjoy the weather (and food!). My dogs love laying in the sun and by now I'm sure that you have noticed that I love my dogs, I am not ashamed to admit it. So the girlie puppies basked their plump bellies in the toasty sunshine out by the pool, barking at ducks and who knows what really, they're dogs!

My Dad has a slight obsession with grilling, so much so that we have about four different grills. Anyways, today he made grilled pita which is one of my favorites. He also bought a spicy mediterranean jelly hummus and a roasted pine nut hummus, needless to say I was excited to dig in!

Pita and hummus! I also added some carrots and prunes, my new favorite dessertish food. I don't really believe in fruit as dessert, there is a reason that there is such a myriad of different chocolate companies. But since it was during the day I figured I would treat myself to something sweet and get a nice serving of fruit in too.

Since it is like a bazillion degrees outside, or 90 but close enough, lunch would not be complete without a cold  glass of pink lemonade, yay!

It's feeling hot! Hot! Hot!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. I made healthy apple pie cookies, but they didn't last long enough for me to write about or take pictures of! C'est la vie!

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