Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Little Nothing


It has been...one of those days. Don't stare at your computer screen like that, I know that you know what I mean. The kind of day where the floor seems awfully comfortable, as if by chance it could open up and swallow you into its warm belly where you can hide until the end of eternity, or just until your complexion clears up. Listlessly I stumbled about the house doing chores wondering just when did I retire my freshly turned twenty year old college student hat for a housewife hat. I neither have a house to call my own or a husband. Or a hat for that matter. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, cleaning up puppy pee, walking the dogs, blah, blah, blah, job search, blah, blah, blah. Sweet relief usually comes in two packages, two beautifully wrapped packages. We all know those kinds of wrapped packages, the ones in which you just kind of stare at seriously contemplating reaffirming your beliefs in Santa Clause because a ribbon tied that perfectly just had to have been crafted by an elf. The first package is running/working out because it is enjoyable and it feels good to sweat. That sounds gross, but I'm being honest here. Package numero dos is food. I spend a good deal of my time creating masterpieces of food that I could eat during the day.

That being said, I totally tried making an avocado pasta sauce dish thingy and it was...blech. I ate it anyways because I felt that it was a waste if I threw it away. I could just see the starving children of the world glaring at me, talk about coaxing an appetite. Something went very wrong with the dish and it just made the rest of the day seem gross. I don't think that I am very good at eating pasta. With the household chores done and the job search on pause I curled up with a "Something Borrowed", classic chick lit that is now a major motion picture. I entered a literary coma, you know the kind that sucks you into a vortex in which both time and space dissipate and you are left with only the string of letters loosely strung along in a mass produced book. I just get into one of these moods whenever I read, like I have a hard time discerning fact from fiction. Literary zombieness is the appropriate term, I believe.

I wish I could share a wowing recipe, cute puppy pictures, or amusing anecdotes about my (nonexistant) love interests, but that is just not going to happen tonight. I quit blogging, writing, and being funny. Just kidding. I am in too deep. On to practicing my French. So far, I can say "Allez! Un petit effort!" Which translates to "Come on! Try a little!".

All I have to say about that is, that's what she said :)

Have a lovely Tuesday night, tomorrow it's beast mode for sure.


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