Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Hot Mess that I Call My Existance

Two words: Free. Dom.

I have successfully completed my second year of college, can I get a hallelujah?

Now the real adventure starts! I can't wait for what lies ahead of me this summer. The way I see it, anything is possible. After all, my motto is "Today is the Day". Speaking of today is the day, I have completed a phenomenal task that has been on my bucket list/lifelong to do list/what have you list. What is this miracle that has sprouted from my personal being? I finished a crossword puzzle all by myself! This is truly a reason to celebrate. Every single day I would sit pecking at my lunch, head hung over the newspaper's latest puzzle, meticulously scribbling letters into the little boxes in the hopes of finishing. Today  was the day to finish one! I was, and am, so excited.

What a beautiful picture!

This joy hopefully will fuel the daunting task of packing up everything that I own in this world so that it will fit in my family's mini van as I make my trek back home. Obviously I am dedicated to getting this done since I am blogging, on facebook, and drinking a delicious iced green tea right now instead of cleaning up my mess of a room.

I'm a hot mess.

A hot mess with killer cross word puzzle skills.


  1. Yayyyyy!!! You're done! WOO :)

  2. "A hot mess with killer cross word puzzle skills." - Nice! ;)