Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Medusa's Bed of Nails

Hello dear friend,

I am having a little trouble in finding something to write about tonight, but I promised to write, and will do so anyways. Writing when emotions are high is always easy, not to mention entertaining on both of our ends. I finished reading "He's Just Not That Into You" today, only having spent three whopping days amused by the anecdotes and vignettes. It was the first self-help book that I have ever read, which may or may not be a bad thing considering my young age. Anyways, the book was really amusing and the author was really funny. He seems like a such a nice guy, the kind of guy you would want to have as your older brother, the one who will stick up for you, and especially the one who would not mind spending an evening with you watching a romantic comedy. I wonder if he has a brother...but I digress. You see, this guy is married and has been for five years. Mazeltov! He also has an uncanny talent of telling women the truth, especially when the truth looks a little like Medusa on a bad hair day after she got three hours of sleep on a bed of nails.While many facets of the book were inapplicable to my own life, since I would never consider dating a married man (if you are you may want to check out the book and take a look at chapter ten and subject yourself to his cutthroat yet heartfelt sentiments about that little situation).

Nevertheless, this guy tells the truth which is a shining beacon in these complicated days. They are complicated days, right? I do not know how much more time I can invest in my own little cyber world. If it isn't facebook chats then it's e-mails, and if it's not e-mails then it's text messages, but never under any circumstances is it a face to face conversation. I would even settle for a phone call. But that's the only negotiable circumstance. It is tiring, it is exhausting, it will probably give me carpal tunnel when I am gray and wrinkled from typing so often, and yet it is the accepted way to essentially "court" a prospective candidate.

I have been thinking, I know here comes trouble the blonde girl has been thinking, that maybe this author, this suave, urbane, happily married guy really does have the right idea. I know that you all may be tired of all the relationship talk, I promise to post a baking blog soon for your sake, just stick with me a little while longer ol' friend. Anyways, from my thinking escapade this afternoon I have come to the decision that the advice that was doled out in this book was going to be my way of living for as long as... well, as long as it takes to work. That means no more pursuing guys, accepting that if the guy doesn't ask for your phone number to walk strut away with your head held high (mostly because with your head tilted the tears don't tumble out, ruining your mascara and staining your pretty little cheek with a gothic black smudge, talk about a damsel in distress), and most importantly that if the guy does not pursue you then move on. Pick up your darling little (or big, either one is in style) bag, shake out your locks and move on to the next one.

Will this be easy? No. But every wonderful thing in my life has been well fought for and worth the struggle. I am telling you, my friend, that this is the beginning. That when the sun's rays break free across the horizon, a new girl will awaken, a no nonsense kind of girl. This is my revolution, are you excited? I am very excited and a little scared nevertheless, this is the way it is going to be. Plus the whole process will be documented, vented, and celebrated here. Sometimes it's wonderful to have a blog.

Who's ready?

In closing remarks, thank you for all of your support and loving words. Both of which have helped me tremendously in this icky week. Always remember that kind words go both ways, that I am more than willing to listen to your problems because Lord knows that you have listened to enough of mine. That's the wonderful thing about anonymity, that it is just that, anonymous. :)

Love and cookies (because they are the perfect tangible representation of love when it is absent),


P.S. Don't you just love these post titles? :)


  1. I love that you comment! Thank you for reading and being such an amazing friend :)