Friday, April 8, 2011

Chesney and Marie Antoinette

I have made two new friends this past week!

Say hello to Chesney:

And Marie Antoinette:

Two Mama duckies that built their nests right outside the dorm. I noticed them after a long morning run and have been visiting them ever since. I also sneak them pieces of bread from the dining hall and feed these two lovely ladies. These poor soon-to-be-mothers sit on their nests all day, through that massive rainstorm yesterday and in the blazing sun, I thought bringing them a couple of slices of bread could possibly help out. Anyways, I now feel like one of those crazy pigeon feeding old ladies who wear funny hats and talk to the birds. I do talk to my ducks, for my own benefit really since I fear that one day they will attack my face and bight my nose off. If there is anything that I do know about well, anything, is that Mothers are territorial by nature. Evident in when I approach Ms. Marie Antoinette who hissed at me and dauntingly spread her wings. She seemed better though when I tossed her a couple of pieces of stale dining hall bread. It was due to this first encounter that I decided to name her Marie Antoinette, because the duck's got spunk and moxie. Chesney on the other hand is very sweet and relaxed, I thought it was appropriate to name her something that reminds me of the south, country accents and all.

Readers be warned, if you see a rather tall girl crawling around the bushes, it's just your good ol' pal Rach. I figured if I am destined to be a crazy bird feeding lady, I might as well get a head start.

It's the weekend :)

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