Thursday, April 7, 2011

Carrots :)

I can always tell when a day is going to be magnificent, mostly because the dining hall graced me with my all time favorite food. Carrots! I had raw carrots as a part of my lunch and delicious steamed carrots as a side to my dinner, which I am sorry to say was tuna casserole. I honestly plugged my nose a little bit while eating it. Blech. Fish. Nevertheless, I am just happy that today was the day to eat carrots. :)

Anyways, I was thinking (it is dangerous when I do that) today of what it will be like when I am older. I wish I knew, like I had a little sneak peak into the future. It would calm my nerves about whether or not I am a productive citizen in the world or, living in my room up until I am thirty. Oh please let it not be the latter. I think it sounds terribly fun to be a grown up, to finally be independent and on your own. I know that it is not going to be all fun, but a part in me wants to believe that. So, I let it. 

I hope that when I am in my 50s + I will be... flamboyant. I could just see myself now, hair long down to my waist, wearing a bohemian skirt, with bangles running up and down my arms. I would have about 70 dogs and perhaps a cat or two. My husband (I hope this doesn't jinx my chances by saying that I will have one, but oh well this is my blog after all) will be a normal hardworking American. Clean-cut and a lover of apple pie. An apple pie that I will make using the ingredients I have grown in my own garden, thank you very much. He will love me and I will love him. I will love his funny polos and he will love my funny face. He will have to be the normal one in the relationship, since I am already a little...strange (but in that adorable absent minded professor way). We will go to Paris for my 75th birthday. I will still bake, actually I will bake all of the time. I will sing with my 70 dogs while baking. I will speak French. I will walk down the street in my bare feet, decorated with henna, with my swishing skirt sashaying between my ankles. No doubt, I will continue to feed and talk to ducks. I will start to write books, but never finish them. I will travel, but always find my way home. I won't dye my hair, instead it will be a silvery halo, which I will pin back into a chignon while I am baking or doing crossword puzzles (because I think they are so much fun!). I will continue to practice yoga and meditate, maybe with a little more gusto than I do now. More likely than not, I will still be spilling my soul into this blog for the world to read (or not, I really can't influence free will). My face would wrinkle, body parts would sag, and age spots would appear. But, best of all, I will be happy. That is one thing, reader, that I can guarantee. My smile, yes the smile that I am known for will remain. Oh, and who can forget that laugh of mine. That I'll keep. My husband adores it. 


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