Friday, April 29, 2011

Can You Keep a Secret?

I promised myself to resist the temptation. Every fiber in my being was pining for it. My superego denied that capricious desire. Well, it helped me forget about it for just and eensy weensy second. A mere breathe in proportion to all that were taken during the day. But then I kind of thought that, just maybe, it was ok. That if I were on my best behavior that it would be acceptable. That if I did not tell anyone about it, then it would be a secret taken to the grave. That I could just be a part of the pandemonium for one day, not even a day, a part of the day that I would be forgiven. It is eating me up inside and I feel as if I may implode from the secrecy and debauchery of it all. Leading me to confess to you, reader, that I watched the Royal Wedding coverage.

There I admit it. I watched the wedding. Well, I watched the post-wedding coverage of the newlyweds riding in a horse drawn carriage waving amiably at their subjects as they rode on to celebrate their marriage. I did. At first I resisted, cynically commenting on the English women's silly hats and the Queen's canary yellow suit. Certainly if I were the Queen of England I would never be caught in a canary yellow suit., no, that is a negative. No canary yellow suits. No canaries. No marital bliss.

Oh, but that wedding gown. That beautiful, elegant wedding gown. The delicate lace, the detailed bodice, the magnificent color. The ring. Reader, I nearly lost. my. mind. Suddenly an emotional contagion swept over me. I too was smiling, I too was joyous in their union, I too was waiting impatiently for the first kiss, and I was most certainly enthralled that there were two kisses at Buckingham's Palace. Two. Uno, dos. Un, deux.

A princess was made today. Did you know that? A princess. The dream job of every little (age is subjective) girl. Who among us females are against becoming a princess of similar stature to Princess Diana or Princess Grace Kelly? I lower myself fully to the stereotypical female persona. Despite all the hype of how I favor my independence and clear headed thinking, I cannot help myself when it comes to that fairytale romance. Oh the woes of being a romantic.

Now I sit, curled up in my bed, nursing an icky feeling that has devoured my plans for today dreamily staring at my notes. This is the part where I am usually pretending to study, but in reality I am blissfully in a day dream. I hope the contents of these day dreams will help me pass my exams.

I just HAD to tell someone that I watched the Royal Wedding, so thank you for listening.

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  1. I totally missed this post somehow!

    I didn't watch the royal wedding. I was busy cuddling my adorable puppy in my bed. But! I happened to look at the tv in the family room from my bed just in time to see the first and second kisses. :)

    There's nothing wrong with holding out for a prince in my book. However, I'd prefer the sword-wielding, dragon-riding, element-bending, half-Ellyl prince over an English one. ;)