Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh my divinity!

Fridays are special days, for Fridays are baking days. Friday. Even the word has a lovely ring to it, unlike the droning echoes of its foe, Monday. Hurrah for baking Fridays! A tradition started this year by myself and one of my lovely gal pals. Both of us are avid bakers, known for our culinary flair. While the world may be chaotic, especially in college with exams, papers, and professors that seem to have personal vendetta for you, baking Fridays is the way to escape from it all. We bake and gab about our lives, what happened this past week, what new song on the radio is cool, mon ami even dissuaded me from piercing my nose. I begrudgingly acquiesced. Even so, on this past Friday we made some of the most decadent cookies my tongue has come across. My wonderful friend found the recipe, for that many people are grateful. For even I asked myself, where has this cookie been all my life? There has been many a time in which this cookie would have ameliorated boy problems, dorm problems, and friend problems. Delectable cookie without a name, it was enchanting to meet you.

And now for a little photography show:

Cookies filled gloriously with butterscotch, toffee, mini-chocolate chips, and white chocolate chips. Pure bliss.

Amazing lighting! Thank you Mr. Golden Sun :)

Aerial view, I would kamikaze that cookie.

My favorite picture ever!

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