Welcome to Today is the Day! This little saying has been my motto for about one year, ever since I was determined to talk to a very cute football player that I had spotted in my university's dining hall. I never did talk to him, but I gained a new outlook on life! Today can be used for anything, seriously, ANYTHING. From baking with wonderful friends to cheering on the football team amongst the crowds of rowdy college students, I treasure each and every day. I see endless possibilities when I wake up, instead of bemoaning my existence, life, or the world in general. Stay tuned for more adventures, fun recipes, and (kind of) good writing.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

A little more about me:

Favorite book: Jane Eyre

I have two dogs: Snickers and Regine. I love them both so much!



I am a residence assistant for a specialized floor in an apartment style dorm, where the focus is on wellness. It is a match made in heaven.

It is my dream to travel to Paris, France. I would be ecstatic if I got to see the Eiffel tower!

My favorite show: Tie between The Office and Saturday Night Live

I make killer Naan bread (my Mom adores it, that's how I know it's good!)

Chai tea is my caffeine vessel of choice.

I love eating oatmeal.

I love baking/cooking!

I classify myself as a (somewhat) nerd.

I play intramural volleyball (hands down the best sport ever!)

I am a runner.

I love doing Yoga and meditating.

Green is my favorite color.

 Thank you again for stopping by and remember today is the day for anything :)

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