Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cherry Splurge

My life has been fulfilled. I have cherries. That's right, cherries. So, of course I had to do something with them. Like turn them into overnight oats. Hurray! I have no idea why I have been craving cherries lately. But because of the insane cherry prices, my family has not been able to afford the splurge. These cherries are our special treat. 

Do you know what else is a special treat? I went out to lunch with my lovely mom! This is her week of vacation and I have not been able to spend some alone time with her because of my volunteer job. We went to our favorite restaurant, Panera Bread! I know that it is probably overrated and by now severely un-hip, and that is just fine with me. 

The first time my mom and I went to Panera Bread it was in December of my freshman year of college. She was helping me move back in to the dorms after winter break. It was so cold that day. And rainy. Overall the temperatures were bone chilling, something that we are definitely not accustomed to. We were cold and wet, but most of all starving. Since I had only been at school for a few short months I knew little about the surrounding area. I did know, however, that there was a Panera Bread literally right down the street from us. Our lunch was so delicious and best of all, warm. Chicken soup is really for the soul! Ever since then it has been our mecca, so it is only appropriate that we pay tribute to it every so often.  

I nixed the chicken soup this afternoon though, way too hot for that. Instead, I got a mediterranean veggie sandwich with a greek salad and of course, a hunk of French bread. 

Yum! I ate the sandwich and most of the salad. I wrapped the bread up in a napkin for later. Very classy.

While we were eating, I heard something in the Panera kitchen beeping. I am pretty sure that it was a bread machine, because it sounded exactly like mine! I am like 99.9996% sure it was!

Very Cherry Overnight Oats

1/3 cup rolled oats
5 cherries, mashed
2/3 cup milk
2 Tbsp wheat germ

Topping: chopped nanner, sliced cherries, and crumbled special K blueberry cereal (because we had no granola!)

Mix all ingredients in a bowl, excluding the toppings, and refrigerate overnight. 

Voila! A delicious and might I say decadent breakfast treat.

Cherry goodness!

P.s. I got my passport picture today! Tomorrow will be an adventure down at the office to turn all the paper work in. Woo!

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