Monday, June 27, 2011

Up and At 'Em

Helllloooooo Monday!!

Best. Day. Of. Da. Week. Well, maybe not the best day, but hey, sometimes you gotta fake it until you make it.

This morning was kicked off with a ten mile bike ride, super easy. Not really. The hardest part was actually getting on the bike (not literally, I do have the coordination to do somethings) because the motivation level this morning was around an all time low. I woke up at 7am, like usual, and felt like I got smacked with a listless branch while I falling off a volition tree. Yep. No mojo. Half and hour later, with the usual gentle coos that I tell myself to wake up and get going, I did just that. Since we have been bombarded with rain for the past 5 days (not that I am complaining, we are in a drought!), this morning was just as equally gloomy as most of the other mornings this past week, which made it even harder to get up.

Once I got going, after I stopped hurling insults at the world for being up so early, I felt a lot better. I was pedaling to my heart's content and I even felt...happy. Happy, even though it was so muggy I am pretty sure that I half way drowned; happy, even though I thought the heat would melt me like a kebab; happy, even though I was down wind for a while behind a garbage truck; happy, even though I had tried to succumb to every nuance that would make me feel unhappy. It's nice when things like this happen. It's especially nice
when things like this happen on Monday mornings.

Monday's are the start over, the do-over button if you will, to the previous week. A second chance. Today I get to start my volunteer job at Hospice, which I am pretty excited about. I like knowing that I will be helping someone and that I am needed. It's a wonderful feeling, to be needed. i know that it is small and that I will be working in a cramped cubicle, but I think that that is the perfect fit for me. As long as I am helping the world, I am a happy girl.

Happy Monday to all!

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