Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Road

The road does not care about your GPA. The road does not care if you wear makeup. The road does not care about your skin type, how many boyfriends you have had, or even the number of Jimmy Choo shoes that you have tried on. All the road cares about is that you paid it a little visit to jog, walk, run, or just spend a little time immersed in fresh air and sunshine. It turns out, that the road is one of my very close confidants. It is the place where I run for about an hour several times a week. When I tell my friends and family that I run, and that I actually enjoy running, I get the strangest looks. Their baffled and somewhat disgusted faces look as if I said that I only had three toes on my left foot. Which I don't. Their disdain for running, however, has not stopped my, somewhat petite, feet from pattering on the concrete through the early morning air, only my headphones and a still sleepy mother Earth to keep me company. During my run my breath becomes labored but rhythmic. As time passes, beads of sweat roll down my freckled cheek and my face flushes pink with exertion. Halfway through I pick up my pace, just for the shear enjoyment of feeling my heart beat a little faster. As I round the path of my running trail, I keep myself motivated, knowing that this breathlessness will soon be ameliorated and that I will relish in the surge of endorphins flowing through my system.

As lovely as that sounds, running is the most difficult exercise I have subjected myself to. It is not easy training your body to run, to keep your mind occupied for hours on end, and actually motivating yourself to get outside in order to run. If you are a fledgling runner the most important notion is to stay motivated, a concept that remains elusive for many individuals. In college, there is much difficulty in scheduling a time to exercise. Classes, study groups, meetings, etc. fill up the hours of your day while studying, sleeping (occasionally), and homework usurp your evening hours. With everything going on in your life, how is it even fathomable to add exercising to your already out of control schedule? In my ripe old age of nineteen, practically twenty thank you very much, I have learned that when you do something that you love, there is seldom difficulty in fitting it into your schedule. If I had to name two things that I truly enjoy it would be: running and enjoying the morning time. Being logical, it only makes sense to add running to my morning routine. Granted, I wake up very early in order to run, but it is a sacrifice that I am willing to make. Running is not a chore for me, rather, it is something that I look forward to.

As Julia Child said "Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it."

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