Monday, April 4, 2011

Lovely Poetry

Last night, as I was meandering meaningless websites and obviously budgeting my time wisely, I came across a website with some wonderful poetry readings. The poems are mystifying, raw, and wholly emotional. I listened to each poem consecutively, with thoughtful determination, feeling my sentimental heart beat wildly with each successive poem. Some of the poems were so despondent that they actually led me to tears. I could not help but fall a little bit in love with each stanza, each breath, each syllable that was uttered. The magnificent visions that were scripted in my mind's eye were the essence of a utopia that blessed my creativity with the wholesome goodness that is known as art. An evanescent touch on my heart, these words transported me into my innermost sanctum, my sanctuary, my love of literature. Words swirling around on the inside of my cranium, creating sparks of interests in comprehending how each different artist paired words and phrases as they did. Reigniting a passion for reading and a passion for familiarizing myself with what only can be described as quintessential beauty. Poetry is beauty. Poetry is passion. Poetry is lovely.

Summer Storm by Edward Byrne

On Learning of Our Son's Illness by Edward Byrne

Not Touching, Touching by H.K. Hummel

Fear, then Oblivion by H.K. Hummel

Cumulonimbus by Christine Klocek-Lim

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