Sunday, March 20, 2011


So, here I am. Online. My own blog. I feel as if I am some sort of cyber debutante and this is my coming out soiree. I have been told by many a friend and family member that I should start a blog. Some have gone so far as to say that I should write a book. Now, I do not know if I would go that far with my writing talents, but hey a that's a compliment I will stick in my back pocket for a rainy day. Here is where I will introduce myself to you all the while taking the time to reflect on myself. Writing has been one of my hobbies since I was a little girl. Journals, diaries, extremely prosaic and thorough facebook posts, you name it and I have the words for it. You see, I am a little like Hamlet. I too am all about words, words, words. Some one out there will catch that allusion.

It really astounds me that this little factoid is coming second in my personal disclosure, nevertheless I am an avid baker. From chocolate chip cookies to petits pains au chocolat I am a constant shadow lingering in the kitchen. The only downfall to this minute obsession is that I am also in college, which means I have no money and no kitchen. Even so, baking calms my nerves. There is something settling about measuring each ingredient. Baking is controllable. Baking is strategic. Baking makes the world disappear for just a moment. I am learning, through my old age, that life is nothing like Baking. If anything, life is like making a batch of chocolate chip cookies and having them come out as a key lime pie, freshly whipped meringue and all.

As it is subjectively early on a Sunday, I am feeling that hollow empty feeling at the bottom of my stomach. Before that turns into a monster called grouchiness from low blood sugar I will do my best to ameliorate that problem, for humanity's sake.

My friends, it was a pleasure to meet you. But for now, Au revoir!


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