Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rainy Days

Wherever the sun has gone, I would like to go there too.
There, in a utopia, where the skies are azure blue.
The grass enfolds my bare feet with warmth when I see you.
We dance and run until the day is done.
The sun's rays yawn, breathing a pink hue into the sky.
And then you and I
Watch the sky turn to night.
There amongst the stars we feel
All right.

Cute, right?

I am perched in my cozy room on this disastrously stormy day, skipping class, and obviously using my time wisely by blogging. I was able to capture a series of photos that truly capture the unfolding of this storm. I was awaken this morning by rain beating against my window pane. That's right beating. Not spraying, not misting. Beating. Contemplating whether or not it was worth popping out of bed, after only enduring the least amount of sleep possible, into a world where soggy fashion is all the rage. Through some unseen force that I could only describe as free will I tossed my sorry behind out of bed and into the shower.

To add to the despondent mood today a dear friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend. She found me in the dining hall and silently plopped down beside me. As I greeted her with normal good morning jibber-jabber I saw tears streaming down her face. To say I was concerned would have been an understatement. With tenderness I tentatively asked her what the matter was. Only a gasp of pain was emitted from her sad mouth. The tears began again. As I did my best to console my broken-hearted friend, I longed for trying to find the right words to help ameliorate her pain. By the grace of God, another lovely gal pal joined us. Together, she and I comforted our dear friend. After many tissues, tears, and loving words we escorted her to her room where she could sleep it off. Who would want to deal with a broken heart on a day like today? Not I, that's for sure. I even considered my singleness as a blessing for just a moment. Not even a moment, more like a quarter of a second.  Then I quickly reassessed my obviously impaired judgment, wrenched my umbrella out of the depths of my backpack and went out to meet the world.

Then I got soaked.

Early in the morning, only a dark apocalyptic sky and a whisper of rain.

Rain drops from the slight shower.

Then the wrath of mother nature struck.

It only got worse from there! Emergency sirens were echoing across campus, local alerts were attacking my e-mail, phone, and facebook. Hasta la vista class, and hello lovely day indoors.

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